How to Invest in Panama?

What is PROINVEX and how do we help you invest in Panama?

Proinvex, Panama’s Agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion ascribed to Panama’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is a concierge service that provides information to facilitate your investment in Panama.

Its team of highly qualified professionals will provide all the necessary assistance and consulting on processes and requirements to ensure your project’s success.

Administrating an integrated information system, Proinvex will advise you in order to identify the Government’s instruments, services and benefits to facilitate Direct Foreign Investment.

With its wide network of strategic contacts, Proinvex facilitates communication links with the actors of the public and private sector, opening doors to identify concrete business opportunities.

PROINVEX offers complete solutions:

Handles all the procedures.

Technical assistance.

Minimal bureaucracy.


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Hire the services of a resident agent (attorney or law firm).
Constitute a Panamanian company.
Registry in the Mercantile Division of the Public Registry and pay the annual Single Fee (US$300.00), which must be paid every year.
Obtain the Operations Notice through the web page
Register the employees in the Social Security Administration.


US $10,000

Every company created in Panama must have a minimum social nominal capital of US$10,000.

The authorized capital of a Panamanian company does not have to be totally subscribed or paid.


Macro Business Investment Visa:

Minimum investment of US$160,000.00. If the investor has dependents, the investment will increase by US$2,000.00. The company must hire 5 Panamanian employees.

Panamá Pacífico investor visa:

Investments greater than US$250,000.00 registered in Panama with foreign funds.

Permit for foreign staff hired by the Colon Free Zone:

This apply to high executive posts hired or for specialized technicians. The minimum salary to apply for this visa is US$2,000.00 per month.

Agricultural investor permit:

A temporary resident permit is granted with a minimum investment of US$60,000.00 in the agricultural, agro-industrial or aquaculture sectors. For each dependent, the investment will increase by US$500.00. The investment must be approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Development according to national priorities.

Permanent resident visa for economic solvency:

For foreign investors who invest more than US$300,000.00 in real estate, in a bank account or a combination of both. For each dependent the amount will increase by US$2,000.00.

Forest investment visa:

A minimum investment of US$80,000.00 in at least 20 hectares in a reforestation project certified by the National Government. For each dependent the investment must increase by US$2,000.00.

Free Zone Law 32, 2011 investment visa:

For investments greater than US$250,000.00 with foreign funds, a promoter duly approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries will have a two year temporary resident visa. After the two years, permanent residency will be granted.

Call center investment visa:

Approved for investments greater than US$250,000.00 with foreign funds for approved call centers.

Movie industry and audiovisual investor visa:

Investments greater than US$150,000.00 with foreign funds.

What is the business environment in Panama like?

It offers a flexible regulatory framework adapted to each economic sector.
There is no restriction of input or output of capital flow.
Territorial tax system ( taxes are paid only by operations that have an effect in the national territory).
Dollarized economy since 1904.
Special Economic Areas are offered and investment laws with flexible and competitive fiscal, migratory and labor frameworks in the entire region.
19 valid trade agreements and treaties worldwide.


In 2015, the sectors that attracted the greatest DFI were:

Download: Investment Migration Program eng low Download: Doing Business in Panama

Special Investment Regimes


“Halliburton established its Latin American regional operations in Panama in 2009 and opened its Business Support Center in the country in 2010. In 2012, Halliburton expanded even further opening their Human Resources Employee Center. Since then, Halliburton has established a transnational center in Panama and is currently exploring opportunities to expand its operations in various sectors within Panama. The key reasons behind Halliburton’s continued investment in Panama include its strategic geographic location and the Multinational Companies Headquarters Law (SEM) which helps to make Panama a profitable location. Additionally, Panama offers good quality of life and school options, which makes the country favorable both for Halliburton and its employees”

Francisco Tarazona, Vice-president
Halliburton Latin America

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