Human Capital

Watch your business grow with highly productive and skilled workforce at an affordable price.

In terms of production, each worker in Panama is:

44% more productive

than the average worker in Costa Rica

2 to 6 times + productive

than the worker in any other Central American country

47% to 85% cheaper

Panama is highly competitive in costs compared to the main countries in the world

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It is a new academic center whose goal is to increase the Panamanian labor offering to support foreign investment.

Students will be trained on ethical values and productive skills stimulated in its creativity.

The ITSE will offer technical higher and vocational education based on international best practices.


new professionals trained at ITSE will enter the market every year


70% practice
30% theory

*Based on Singapore’s best practice model

New careers that will be offered:

Logistics Operations

Touristic Services

Bilingual Executive Assistant

Aerospace Technology

Technician in Materials Laboratory

Air Conditioners and Cooling Systems

Automotive and Heavy and Light Equipment Mechanics

Automation and Industrial Maintenance

Mechanics (Computers and Networks)

Networks and Systems Administration

Panamá Bilingüe is an innovative study program that places emphasis on English as a second language and affirms Panama’s regional leadership regarding bilingualism.

Its goal is to increase the number of bilingual students, preparing them for the demands of the future labor market.

Benefits for investors:

  • More skilled resource, especially a provision of technical and logistic sectors.
  • New opportunities in the tourism sector with bilingual staff.


15%* de toda la fuerza laboral es bilingüe (español - inglés).

*Panamá se propone aumentar esta cifra significativamente.

GOAL 2019:


trained teachers


qualified students

Supporting foreign investment with skilled human resources

The National Institute of Professional Training and Training for Human Development, INADEH, is the ruling body of the Panamanian state regarding professional, labor and business management training.

Its objective is to increase the productivity of the Panamanian human resource and it does this by making a wide range of educational options available to students, focused on a modern methodology, guided toward efficiency in occupations required by the labor market and highly relevant to the national development process.

Through its academic offerings, INADEH promotes a national culture of training for life and work, built on moral-ethic values.


people enrolled


courses offered in 2017

INADEH offers the following study modes:

Career Programs

  • Training aimed at developing competencies (abilities, skills and attitudes) required in a job or occupation.
  • Duration: from 304 to 2000 hours.


  • Training actions targeting a specific topic or area.
  • Duration: from 40 to 300 hours.


  • Specialized training action of technical or academic origin.
  • Duration: from 8 to 40 hours.


Panama is at the forefront in this important aspect, facilitating workforce to move to their work points.

The Panama Metro

Panama has the first Metro in Central America. Inaugurated in 2015, the Panama Metro is an efficient mass-transit system, safe and fast, that transports more than 250,000 persons per day in the capital.

The Line 2 of the Metro is currently under construction. Additionally, the foundations have been laid to build the Line 3, which will connect the center of Panama City with the more than 500,000 habitants of the Panama West area.

The Panama Metro is a world class construction project; the largest after the Panama Canal. The master plan to 2040 contemplates 8 interconnected service lines that will transport more than 1 million passengers daily, satisfying 50% of the transportation demand in the metropolitan area.

Special Investment Regimes


“Halliburton established its Latin American regional operations in Panama in 2009 and opened its Business Support Center in the country in 2010. In 2012, Halliburton expanded even further opening their Human Resources Employee Center. Since then, Halliburton has established a transnational center in Panama and is currently exploring opportunities to expand its operations in various sectors within Panama. The key reasons behind Halliburton’s continued investment in Panama include its strategic geographic location and the Multinational Companies Headquarters Law (SEM) which helps to make Panama a profitable location. Additionally, Panama offers good quality of life and school options, which makes the country favorable both for Halliburton and its employees”

Francisco Tarazona, Vice-president
Halliburton Latin America

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