Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry interested in establishing operations in Panama

The directors of Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited Panama for the first time in a high-level mission to explore new channels to increase trade and investment in Latin America, using Panama as a regional platform.

During their visit, they met with the Vice-president and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado and the Vice-minister of Foreign Trade, Néstor González, from MICI, where they exchanged impressions on the different opportunities and advantages that Panama offers for trade exchange and investment, such as logistics services, connectivity, transportation, ocean freight and tourism, as well as incentives and special regimes to establish multinational companies.  

On their part, the Panamanian authorities, in addition to thanking them for including Panama as a destination of the second trade mission that Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce makes to Latin America (in more than 50 years of operation), they reiterated the invitation to establish a regional headquarter in the country, from which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can expand their trade operations in the region. 

Prior to the high-level meeting with the Panamanian authorities, the directors of Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry met with their Panamanian counterparts – also in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – where they signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen relations and coordinate future actions.

The director of MICI’s Agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion (PROINVEX), Alberto Alemán, who participated in this meeting and accompanied the directors of Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce, explained that the Arab businessmen’s visit to Panama is the result of arrangements carried out in the trade mission that Panamanian authorities had in the framework of the Annual Investment Meeting, held in Dubai in March of this year.

 “Both countries share similarities that can generate benefits and advantages for both parties, because Panama in an entry gate to all of Latin America, while the United Arab Emirates represent the access to the Middle East, Africa and other regions”, said the director of PROINVEX.

 The entourage of Arab businessmen was accompanied by the Panamanian Ambassador to the UAE, Eduardo Fonseca Ward, and headed by the president of the business associations, Majid Saif Al Ghurair, accompanied by the directors Hamada Buamim, Essa Al Ghurair and Ahmed Bin Sulayem. During their visit in Panama, they also visited the special economic area, Panama Pacific, and the Panama Canal.

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“The dollar is very important, just like the fiscal benefit. I believe that being so well positioned, 4 hours from Mexico, 6 hours from Brazil also helps us a lot. It is very attrtabs for talents when we say we want to bring them to Panama”

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