Multinational Headquarters

Panama is the most strategic and advantageous country in America to establish regional operations.

A special law encourages a wide range of activities to drive the growth of multinational companies, enabling them to reduce operational costs and maximize their efficiency.

World leaders are strengthening their regional position thanks to the special incentives for multinationals dedicated to:

Information and telecommunications technologies



Global services

Business management and entrepreneurship

Human development

Download: Law 41 2007 SEM

Incentivized activities:

Management and administration of regional operations

Financial and accounting administration of the group

Consulting, marketing and advertising services of the group

Logistics and storage of production components

Technical assistance to companies of the business group or clients who have purchased a product or service

Elaboration of architectural plans or design related to the business’ activity

Electronic processing of any activity, operations and network consolidation

Support for operations and research, product development and services

Tax Incentives

Income tax exemption.

Tax exemption on dividends and complementary.

Operations tax exemption.

Sales tax exemption for services rendered to the Corporate Group abroad.

Options of tax agreement with the General Revenue Office (DGI): the Ministry of Economy and Finance, through the General Revenue, studies the possibility of negotiating a tax agreement with the SEM companies whose countries have signed bilateral tax agreements with Panama.

Exemptions for foreign workers

Social Security or Educational Insurance payment is not required.

Income tax exemption if the salary is from a foreign source.

Import tax exemption for household goods and vehicle for personal use of permanent employees.

Labor incentives

Companies with a SEM license can hire foreign executives whom they deem necessary for administrative positions.

There is no limit to the number of foreign executives who can be hired for these positions.

Migratory benefits

Permanent visa (5 years) for foreign executives in permanent positions in the SEM Company and their dependents.

Permanent residence for permanent SEM Company personnel.

Three month visa for foreign technical personnel hired for short periods for SEM company projects.


Would you like to know more about investment opportunities and advantages in Panama?


Proinvex is the Agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion, a concierge service that provides information to facilitate foreign investment in Panama. It has a highly qualified team of professionals, committed to providing assistance and consulting on processes and requirements, so that foreign investments projects can be successful.

Proinvex is ascribed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the institution that acts as facilitator of national economic development: it plans, organizes, coordinates, directs and controls the activities aimed at allowing the creation, development and expansion of Panamanian businesses, as well as maintaining the country’s economic growth by attracting projects and foreign capital, and the connection of foreign investments with the commercial and productive sector, in order to invigorate and diversify the Panamanian economy toward the future.



is a concierge service that provides information to facilitate your investment in Panama. Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide you all the assistance and consulting on the necessary processes to ensure the success of your future investment.


an integrated information system, Proinvex advises on identifying the National Government’s instruments, services and benefits to facilitate Direct Foreign Investment.


with its wide available network of strategic contacts, Proinvex facilitates opening doors to identify concrete business opportunities.

Special Investment Regimes


“The key factors that influence our investment in Panama include its economic stability, its strategic geographic location and its excellent connectivity with other Latin American countries. Additionally, the incorporation of Adidas in the Law of Multinational Companies Headquarters (SEM) in 2010, has enabled the regional offices of Adidas Latin America to continue improving the business and strengthening its organizational structure, hiring the most talented executives in Panama and the world”

Marco Antonio Tejeira, General Manager for Central America and the Caribbean

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