Special Economic Area Panama Pacifico

A Special Economic Area dedicated to high value services, technology, industry and logistics.

A commercial and residential development on the west bank of the Panama Canal focused on creating a platform that fosters value, creativity, and growth.

The established companies benefit from a favorable investment environment:

Economic and social stability, distinctive of Panama

World-class infrastructure

Availability of professional talent

Logistics advantages

Connectivity advantages

Quality of life

Download: Law 41 2004 Panama Pacifico


  • Regional headquarters and services.
  • BPO, ITO, KPO and call centers.
  • Shared high added value services.
  • ITC and data processing services and R+D of Web applications.
  • Logistics.

  • Multimodal distribution and logistics services.
  • Import / Re-export.
  • Maritime and aviation industry.
  • Transfer of goods and services to ships and airplanes with destination abroad.
  • Maintenance, repair and reconditioning.

  • High value manufacturing.
  • Processing, manufacturing and assembly.
  • High technology products and/or via high technology processes.
  • Movie industry (Law 36 of 2007).


  • Exemption of direct and indirect taxes to specially incentivized activities.
  • The companies within the area are protected by the Investment Stability Law.


  • Single Window for visa and permit procedures for foreign employees.
  • Special visa category as Panamá Pacífico Special Economic Area Investor.
  • Visa benefits are extended to the worker’s immediate family.


Fixed fees for overtime and work on days off.

Flexibility to establish the weekly day of rest on a day different than Sunday.

Foreign workers can be hired within the 10% and 15% of regular workers.

Permit for permanent personnel within the 10% of the regular workers with option to opt for permanent residency after 2 years.

Temporary resident permit for technical or business management personnel not to exceed 15% of the regular workers.

Permits for workers in positions of trust.

Permit for worker of a Company with less than 10 workers within the Panamá Pacífico Special Economic Area.

The 15% can be exceeded in the case of specialists or technicians required by the company.


jobs created

International airport

High level residential complex

Special Investment Regimes


“It’s a country that offers us good connectivity. The geographic location is fabulous because we are close to everywhere. Another important factor for us is human resources. We have excellent quality in this regard.”

Gustavi Ripoll, General Manager
Dell Panama

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