Infrastructure Development Projects

Panama projects toward the future

The national development plan (2015-2019), that exceeds US$20 billion, will support the foreign companies’ success modernizing the country in key aspects:

Economic development

Social inclusion and quality of life

Reinforcement of human capacities


Territorial planning and development and environmental sustainability

Institutional strengthening and governance


Panama-Colombia electric interconnection:
Panama is aiming to complete the Colombia-Panama Interconnection Project by 2019, an electric interconnection of 600km between Panama and Colombia that will have a capacity of 600MW.

Expansion of the energy matrix:
The aim is to include renewable sources in the energy matrix, especially solar energy, biomass, wind energy and liquid natural gas, as friendlier alternatives.


Industries and logistics services around the canal:
Panama is carrying out the strategic planning of the interoceanic region to ensure its competitiveness with respect to the main logistics hub in the world. As part of the plan, 1200 hectares have been assigned to develop the high value maritime industry and logistics services related to the Panama Canal.


56% of the state investment is dedicated to social development programs, among which are public housing, health and water infrastructure and sanitation throughout the entire country.

More than 12% of the investment is destined to education and capacity development, offering opportunities to all Panamanians.

Projects address priority interest matters, such as:

Sanitation: Aqueducts, sewers and water treatment plants

Educational infrastructure

Social security infrastructure

Health infrastructure

Urban trash collection infrastructure

Safety and improvements, career and training infrastructures

Housing solutions

Rural electrification

Investment Plan: 2015-2019

by priority sector in US$ million





Administration and Justice

More than

US $22,650


Estimated public investment 2015-2025

Special Investment Regimes


“Halliburton established its Latin American regional operations in Panama in 2009 and opened its Business Support Center in the country in 2010. In 2012, Halliburton expanded even further opening their Human Resources Employee Center. Since then, Halliburton has established a transnational center in Panama and is currently exploring opportunities to expand its operations in various sectors within Panama. The key reasons behind Halliburton’s continued investment in Panama include its strategic geographic location and the Multinational Companies Headquarters Law (SEM) which helps to make Panama a profitable location. Additionally, Panama offers good quality of life and school options, which makes the country favorable both for Halliburton and its employees”

Francisco Tarazona, Vice-president
Halliburton Latin America

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