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Why Panama?

Panama is the first option for multinational companies for its extraordinary advantages and its favorable business environment, ideal to expand operations toward the rest of America and the world.

Legal stability for foreign investment.
The best connectivity in Latin America.
Multimodal logistics hub.
Skilled labor force at accessible cost.
Tax, labor and migratory incentives.
Sound world-class financial center.
Political stability, peace and democracy.
Dollarized economy.
World-class infrastructure.
Excellent quality of life.

Evolution of Foreign Direct Investment in Panama (by economic sector)

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Panama’s geographic position and its vocation of service are factors that come together to facilitate business and broaden success opportunities. Some of the characteristics that distinguish Panama are:

Air connectivity

The Tocumen International Airport is the best connected in Latin America. It has the highest number of direct international flights, connecting all of the major cities and capitals of the continent, reaching Europe and beyond. The air terminal’s modernization plan includes the construction of the new Terminal 2, which will begin operations in 2018.

Direct international flights a year

Connectivity in Telecommunications

Panama stands out in continental connectivity, with 7 submarine fiber optic cables that converge in the country and provide virtually unlimited band-width, connecting all the countries in America and beyond

Panama is the nodule for:

Regional internet traffic

International voice traffic

Electronic data transmission

Labor force

According to the International Labor Organization, the Panamanian productive force exceeds US$20,000 in productivity per each worker involved in a productive process.

Productivity per worker in dollars:

Quality of life and safety

The vibrant Panamanian economy creates a dynamic environment, ideal for family life, labor and entertainment. Panama is a demilitarized country, it does not have an army, with a strong culture of peace and respect for human rights. Throughout its history, groups from different parts of the world made Panama their home and contributed to the building of a nation that receives the foreigner with a smile and takes him in as its own, engulfing him in a happy, friendly world.

Harmonious multicultural life

Peace, safety and stability

Natural beauty

Infinite opportunities for sports, adventure and fun

Special Investment Regimes


“The main advantage we have is the environment, and the economic, social and political stability, which has allowed us, as a regional company, to work more efficiently for the entire region”

Claudia Aguilar, Samsung Marketing Director

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