Multimodal Logistics

The most central and advantageous location on the American continent for multimodal logistics operations

Why Panama?

First class infrastructure and outstanding logistical assets defined to Panama as the center for the distribution and regional and global logistics.

Strategic location

Located in the heart of America, with the Panama Canal moving 8% of the world’s commerce and the best-connected airport in Latin America, Panama offers unsurpassed advantages.

More than 2,000 weekly flights

More than 132,000 annual direct flights depart from Tocumen International Airport to 90 destinations in 35 countries, including 16 cities in Canada and the United States and connecting key European destinations such as Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Exceptional maritime connectivity

Panama is number one in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (LSCI). On average, 55 regular line services dock in Panamanian ports every week, connecting directly with 148 ports in more than 50 countries in the world.

Only country in the world with a terminal with access to 2 oceans

With the most active ports in Latin America, located on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Panama is the #1 option to access the world’s markets. The country ranks 6th in the world in regard to port infrastructure.

The Panama Canal

Reaching markets of 1.3 billion consumers, its importance in world trade is indisputable. It saves time, distance and costs. The Panama Canal connects 144 shipping lanes reaching 1,700 ports in 160 countries. Most of the cities on the American continent can be accessed through this way in less than 10 days. The expansion, that enables the transit of Neo-Panamax ships, doubles its load capacity.

The #1 option for the main multinational and logistics companies

Due to its privileged location and multimodal system, Panama is a strategic point for important logistics companies, such as Ceva Logistics, Damco, DHL, DB Schencker and Logistics Services Panama, as well as big multinationals such as Adidas, Samsung, Dell, Sony, Bayer and Gilead Sciences.

Excellent railroad and road infrastructure

Panama is #1 in Latin America for the quality of railroad transportation infrastructure. Traveling a distance of 80 km, the Panama railroad is the only one in the world that joins the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It connects the Atlantic and Pacific ports in only 75 minutes. A modern road network links the different components of the logistics cluster, which enables access in 90 minutes to five port terminals and two international airports.

Commercial free zones

The international companies that develop logistics operations in Panama, take advantage of the tax, labor and migratory benefits that the country offers as incentive for foreign investment. These companies are exempt from income tax on their foreign and domestic operations, as well as from other taxes and import duties. The Free Zones and the Colon Free Zone allow taking optimal advantage of the country’s multimodal logistics capacity.

Telecommunications node

Panama is the continental link of 7 submarine optic fiber cables that provide virtually unlimited band-width, and it’s the country that has the highest average internet download speed in Central America (4.5 MB/s). It’s the node for 100% of the regional internet traffic, 97% of international voice traffic and 90% of electronic data transmission.

High quality labor force at accessible costs

Panama is highly competitive in terms of labor costs within the American continent. For example, in Panama, the salary cost of a logistics officer is between 8% and 64% cheaper than in rival regional countries and even 80% cheaper than in cities in the United States and Canada.

Priority interest sector

Panama drives the development of logistics activities and strengthen its logistics hub. As part of the Government’s strategic plan (2015-2019), it was announced that public investments would be made in the amount of US$3.2 billion in the logistics sector and US$ 2.9 billion in infrastructure.

Savings in costs

Panama offers significant savings in the supply chain, thanks to the flexibility and connectivity of its logistics hub with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. Panama has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in America (25%), lower than the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

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A multimodal platform that connects 2 oceans in only 80km

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“It’s a country that offers us good connectivity. The geographic location is fabulous because we are close to everywhere. Another important factor for us is human resources. We have excellent quality in this regard.”

Gustavi Ripoll, General Manager
Dell Panama

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